00:01 – Meaning

You have received a signal from your subconscious to look at the clock. So you should not be surprised to see that the hour is 00:01. But you’re probably wondering what the sign is. This is a sign that comes to you from spiritual guides or your angels.

You are probably in a period where you think about changing some things in your life as you are dreaming of better days, and the appearance of this mirror hour only confirms this.

00:01 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

We will gradually introduce you to the interpretation of the number 00:01, starting with the general meaning of this number.

So, with our help, you will be able to find out what hidden interpretations are behind these numbers. Your guardian angels want to tell you something that is very important to you. It is interesting that you can find out the name of the archangels who rule at certain times and also the days when they rule. Especially in those days, you can count on their help.

The advent of the 00:01 mirror hour has to do with numerology. With the help of numbers, we can get a lot of information with a proper interpretation that has to do with our existence and life in general.

The number 0 has a very strong value and it can be a sacred number for someone. This number represents the beginning, but also the end, depending on one’s life circumstances.

The ego is something that represents our identity. But who are we really? Man, first of all, identified himself with forms and matter, and from there the ego came into existence, above all our thinking forms. This signifies an unnoticed mind, our misconception that we have about ourselves and that sometimes does not involve true consciousness.

Countless people in the world have identified themselves with their minds. Their whole understanding comes only from their minds. If we over-identify with material existence, then we will lose consciousness of our identity and spiritual origin.

If we remain trapped in our thinking, we cannot attain our true lives or our beings. We will live a life that is cut off from the individual unity we have with the Divine Source. Then we live life as an illusion.

We are not even aware that we are living an illusory life. Many people believe that the solution to many problems in the world lies in thinking, or in the discussion we have with others. But those true solutions cannot be available only on an intellectual level. The fact is that we as humans have largely separated from our true origins.

It is important in our lives who is in charge of our personal system. People who have developed spirituality are tasking themselves with finding a path that leads to a creative source. It is the path that leads to our true selves. Awakened people can feel genuine compassion for people who have never overcome the level of superficial. They are unable to experience transcendence in the world and themselves.

On the path to your true self, the first and most important step is recognizing your own identity. If we become aware of our ego along the way, then this is the right path. You can be aware of yourself the right way at any time, so you need to be aware of your thinking. The one who thinks before doing is the one who can transcend his ego.

If you can observe your own thinking, it represents your mind, but there must be something beyond the mind. For those thinking minds, a state of consciousness in which there is no thought will not be interesting or will be perceived as a threat.

When you understand these facts, you may wonder what kind of life you want to live from now on. This requires a very clear internal decision as to which direction you want to direct your life.

Will you choose to live in the rule of your mind, or will you live your true self? If you choose to live your true self, you will live as conscious creators who have a connection to the divine source. In contrast, the ego considers itself almighty, complete, and omniscient. Transcendence is something that is foreign to the ego.

When one lives his true self, he will no longer be subject to the limits set by the mind. In contrast, the ego will always want its will to be fulfilled. In this way, he thinks he will have the resources he needs with his will. Our will, which is always shaped by the mind, remains to live with a lasting sense of lack.


The mind can only disassemble and analyze. And yet it cannot be completely done. If our mind is conditioned and we identify with it, we renounce our creative source. The ego is sufficient in itself, so it must do its best. But all this can scare us sometimes. When we identify life with the ego, it can be filled with worry, fear and always be pessimistic.

Basically, the ego happens to steal energy from other people. You may also notice that after meeting some people you feel exhausted and tired. These are people who are energy thieves and suck up our energy, so we feel bad after meeting them.

What Does 00*01 Mean Spiritually?

Angels show you that you are at the end of the cycle. You’re at the end, but don’t be scared, as this number announces a rebirth. At this stage, you can experience your existence, and this is especially true of spiritual meaning. Your guardian angels help you study documents or texts related to the divine and holy possibilities.

In some ways, you will be warned, and this may also apply to spiritual awakening.

As much as possible, you should practice meditation by working with different energies of angels. This will allow you to overcome the internal obstacles that now burden you. You have the opportunity to exercise mental peace, but it takes a lot of patience and practice.

But first, you need to master the energies that are currently not very positive. But you can ask your guardian angels for help and they will give you protection from evil spirits.

The Mirror Hour 00:01 may speak of possible suffering for a loved one who is not with you. These numbers may also indicate some form of sacrifice. It would not be a good idea to accept all that is offered to you, especially if it can be detrimental to you.

There is no doubt that it is nice when you help others, but you should never forget about yourself and your needs.

0001 in Numerology

The number 0001 in numerology symbolizes the beginning, just as we already mentioned. This number can also lead a person to face courage and determination and to overcome all obstacles in their path to the end.

The number 1 traits that are prominent are independence, individualism and a constant will to assert oneself. This number indicates the person who insists that he or she is and that he always wants to remain so.

What also characterizes No. 1 is charisma and personality, which is what makes him a true leader.

One under the influence of this angel number is capable of actions that can bring about changes that affect humanity. It is typical for them to have the will and the power to achieve a certain goal.

What to Do If You See 00:01?

If you have seen these numbers it is a sign that you need to observe what effect the lunar phase can have on you. Do not rely on the information you read, but do your best to be actively involved in everything. This is the best and only way to successfully integrate with the lunar rhythms of your life.

Spiritual Master Eckart Tol presented the coming of the ego as a step that is quite important for human history. He claims that there was a time in our development where we were in a phase before the ego was identified. At this stage, we lived in unity with nature. This was probably a completely happy and carefree state. But to know and become aware of this fact, one needs an ego. Our consciousness needs an ego as a stage.

In order to expand our consciousness and reach the process of spiritual awakening, we must first transcend the identity of our ego. Tol claims that awakening is impossible if the person did not have a developed ego before. For a person to awaken spiritually, one must have already developed his ego identity in which he has experienced desire, loss, and separation.

Previously, the connection with our divine source was largely unconscious. We have now been given a chance to change that. Uniqueness in full consciousness can be equal to a quantum leap.

In this state of being, we can now as conscious creators live on this earth. That is why we should not demonize our ego. If we reject our identity and our ego, we risk losing the crucial part of ourselves. The, ego is not bad at all. We should appreciate and acknowledge the reasons for which he is able, able to differentiate, reason clearly and make rational decisions.

But he must not be overpowered, otherwise, he will be much strengthened, which is not good for us.

With the help of our ego, we have a definition of how other people see us. The ego is also subject to the reactions of others to us. With the help of our consciousness, we can conclude that it is, in fact, a pure illusion.

If it were our job to view our ego as a living being, in the meantime, it would happen that the ego was reduced. In this way, he would lose some great importance with us.

Then it would not matter to us how others see us. Honestly, you should not care about what other people think, but it would be great not to do anything that may harm your reputation too.


Although you may live without relatives and partners, you should know that you are never alone. We are all descended from a divine source, and we belong to it as part of it. You can easily detect this if your consciousness is already awakened.

At its core, we are all creative and gifted beings who have the attributes of the divine mind and consciousness. During our earthly existence, the connection with the source never ends. If this connection through our soul did not exist, our bodies could not be maintained.

So we are all connected to a higher level of being. There is no real separation between individuals and other beings. It is claimed that there are other parts of the soul incarnated on Earth.

There are a large number of people in the world who have found deep peace and healing by turning to the spiritual world. With the help of spiritual helpers, they were able to find themselves and their spiritual peace.